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Accelerator Course – 12 Month

An in depth course covering the full DEVELOP ™ strategy but taken over 12 months. For business owners busy with running day to day operations that need more time to implement strategies. This course is perfect to transform sales to £1,000,000 within 12 months.

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Strategies Covered Within The Consulting Course:

  • Roadmap of goals & accountability every month on set targets
  • Realistic future target setting based on data & current financials
  • How to find your ideal client
  • How to find & promote your USP & deliver unrivalled service
  • Effective branding, marketing & social media strategies
  • Social media advertising & PPC strategies
  • Setting up analysis reports to adapt & improve
  • How to attract & keep exceptional employees
  • Using operating systems to run a well oiled machine
  • Achieving a positive cashflow position so you never worry about bills
  • Understanding your financials to achieve exceptional profits
  • The One on One Course Is Broken Down Into 8 Modules (over 12 months)
  • See Immediate Results
  • Review & analysis of growth achievements after course completion


micro-giving impacts created

Our greatest wish is to make a tangible, positive difference - not only with the environments we create for our clients, but also for the wider community.

To this end, we’ve partnered with B1G1 Business For Good. For every client we assist, we make a donation to a community project – transforming the lives of our clients and the lives of various communities that need our help.